Learn from our 10 years of experience in managing distributed teams and shaping company’s DNA that keeps us together.

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At SoftwareMill we’ve been building a 100% remote company through experimentation with team setup, meetings, tools and structure. It’s a continuous work in progress and great fun!

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  • Get to know our way of running a 100% remote, transparent and bottom-up organized company
  • Learn secrets of onboarding new hires in a remote setup
  • Discover why good communication is a key element of a successful project delivery
  • Get a list of tools and meetings formats that worked for us and might work for you as well

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What our readers think


“It helped me get to know the tools and learn how to do things in SoftwareMill really quickly. The glossary is also nice if you want to know what chrum is.”

Senior Software Engineer at SoftwareMill

Adam Smolarek


“Joining any organization is not an easy task. SoftwareMill Handbook turns it into an enjoyable, smooth experience. It’s a tiny book where you can find everything a new person joining the team needs to know. Thanks to that guide and my Guardian I felt great from the day one!”

Software Engineer at SoftwareMill

Sebastian Rabiej

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